Welcome to the "Fix the Event feed service" (Pat. Pend. Not.)

It's pretty easy to get facebook events to your google calendar. But Google Calendar has a bug, that hides details that have a PRIVATE flag (shows them as busy), even though they are your events and should be visible to you.

This website/service overcomes this problem by working in between facebook and google and changing all PRIVATE ical flags to PUBLIC before they reach Google. This way all the details should be visible for every event. Additionally the fdCal app in facebook creates CONFIDENTIAL flags that can also be changed with this service (not enabled by default).

If you feel uneasy about this service seeing your events - don't use it. For the rest of you, just follow the few easy steps.

1. First, go to your facebook events page

2. Next, copy and paste your private facebook events url on the box below:

3. Finally, click the Generate-button to get your modified and working event url

Having trouble? Here's the help.

The next picture shows how to copy your facebook event url to your clipboard. Then right-click and paste to the box above and click "Generate your new event url"

Export facebook events url tutorial

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